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Rare Journeys inside the Real Japan

Taro is a new luxury brand dedicated to promoting Japan as a high-end destination to leaders, influencers and the culturally curious, by providing extraordinary access to the parts of Japan that remain hidden to even the  most elite travellers.

The story behind the identity

Japan is a culture of many layers, often hidden behind subtle barriers and walls. The patterns are a nod to the heritage of Japanese craft and culture, and in this context, represents the layers Taro peels away  to reveal the real Japan for it’s guests and members.


The website is critical to the proposition because it is not only the window to the wonders of Japan, but also the channel by which guests and members can browse, book and buy, and manage their entire journey from home and back again.

If you would like to experience the real Japan, you can learn more about the TAROJIN here.

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