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MAY 2035

Service Name

This is the space to introduce the Services section. Briefly describe the types of services offered and highlight any special benefits or features.


Gwyneth's glorious Goop

We were enaged by GP and Goop to help turn her newsletter into a commercial enterprise that would enable the expansion of services to the enormous community fervent followers - gooper? goopista? - and make it sustainable and profitable.

We started with Cooking, Travel and Health as the primary pillars, delivered through apps, which was followed by ecommerce...

Brand & Content

We rest the identity to the famous small 'g' and added a visual identity to create a graphic system for the deveolopment and expansion of the brand.

We designed and developed the first apps - travel guides and food and health - and worked closely with Apple to launch them and ensure they were featured. This was easier with a A Lister in the early days of the app economy of course.

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